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Propsavvy is a transformative B2B property platform and powerful tool allowing organisations to meet their property acquisition needs and service requirements with speed & efficiency.

The Propsavvy service is currently reserved for professional business users only.

1. Search for your criteria

Begin your journey by clicking the link and registering FREE to the Propsavvy experience.

Tell us your specific needs. Exactly where, what type, within what timeframe and how much your organization is willing to pay for your specific requirements and allow our

A.I. Property Engine
An AI property engine is a software system that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to analyze and process large amounts of property-related data in order to provide intelligent insights and recommendations.

to not only source the exact properties you desire in real-time

Our data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback to the process from which it is coming. Waiting for updates, phonecalls and emails is a thing of the past.
but empower you to begin the purchase process with a single click of your mouse

Quite simply...A hassle free long overdue leap forwards into the future of property acquisition.

2. Confirm your acquisition targets

Once your organization has been approved you will have the ability to literally hand pick property from your property audit and tender on bulk for those properties which meet your requirements.

Our platform allows the simple management of

multiple acquisitions
Trigger the purchase of multiple properties at once and have the tools to manage each transaction in real-time from your desktop or mobile phone. Never before has such control and transparency existed in the acquisition process. You will be empowered to take control of the journey and actually achieve monthly / quarterly targets.

at once with real-time feedback on each case making the Propsavvy platform the #1 tool for organisations to become substantially more efficient and effective in their acquisition needs.

Propsavvy will become your personal army of digital and real human consultants offering you a professional insight to support your efforts 24hr a day, 7 days a week.

3. Acquire properties fast

Our transformative b2b platform will empower your organisation to identify, exchange and complete on UK property with a level of efficiency unrivalled by any other service.

Propsavvy has become a powerful tool for organisation with serious targets to acquire property which meet unique requirements, at scale, for the

best possible price

Propsavvy do exactly what the name suggests allowing you to make 'savvy' decisions on not only type,location, potential, growth, profitability and much much more...but on one of the fundamental factors of PRICE. We aim to deliver property deals at the best possible price and within your budget constraints. Our proprietary algorithms are designed to not only source but secure your needs below the current market value prices...making every decision you make "a propSavvy one.

We pride ourselves on delivering a stress free and swift service whereby acquisition times are slashed by over 57% meaning faster results and greater efficiency.

Let us help you source*, secure*, manage* and complete on* as many property deals as you can acquire.

Propsavvy is transforming the daily expectations of professional organisations who have goals of engaging with the UK property market and acquiring property which meet your criteria.

The Propsavvy platform uses cutting edge technology and clever algorithm’s through A.I. to engage with hundreds of deep datasets allowing our clients unprecedented access to UK property deals which, combined with our expert team, can power your property needs.

Take a deeper look

Our powerful A.I. engine has 98% national market penetration.

In an ever-changing property market, we continue to remain at the cutting edge of technology, merging traditional and modern strategies to meet the growing demands of the UK housing sector. find out more

Powerful, Cutting-Edge Technology at your fingertips

Never before have corporate entities been empowered to achieve their professional targets in the UK property market.

  • Match your Requirements in Real Time through proprietary algorithms which supercharge your property search

  • Access an unprecedented level of professional data to enhance and inform your decisions to maximise your results

  • Get answers to your specific requirements immediately and allow the Propsavvy team to facilitate your needs.

  • Activate the purchase process with a single click of the mouse

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Manage multiple acquisitions in real time with our property syncing stage (PSS)

Track and monitor all aspects of bulk property acquisitions in an easy to use intuitive B2B platform.

  • Receive real-time feedback to your enquiries and notifications about each stage of the purchase

  • Access our batch suggestion tools to discover new areas your resources will go further

  • Receive real-time progress updates throughput the sale process.

  • Activate the purchase process with a single click of the mouse

Explore services
The Propsavvy service is currently reserved for professional business users only.

Get the app.

Download the Propsavvy App to get a mobile experience second to no other insuring you receive updates, notifications and alerts wherever you are.

Innovative tools that give you an unbelievable edge.

  • Real Time Updates
  • Property Suggestion A.I.
  • Interactive Map UX

Real time market analysis

Our A.I platform will collate property data from multiple sources and insure you are on the cusp of valuable data to help you achieve your goals and provide users with insights into current trends and opportunities.

Smart Criteria

Our smart A.I. will not only locate property you have indicated as your specific criteria, it will also suggest property which match your most important requirements which you organisation not have considered

End to End Progression

Our service doesn't stop at just sourcing and agreeing the acquisition of your desired property but we provide an end to end service insuring the experience is managed through to completion.

Multi-Use Integration

Our system will allow you to pull in various team members when required and insuring there is a documented chain of events with all assets relating to the case in one secure place.

24/7 Premium support

Our AI Chatbots, providE users with instant responses to queries and support them throughout the various phases of the buying process. But dont just only rely on tech. Our team of humans including your own case manager will alwasy be on hand to assist.

Predictive analytics

The platform uses machine learning to analyze data on user behavior and predict future user needs and preferences. Including on the ground property services and essential products.


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    322 so far in 2022

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    121 total UK coverage

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    • A totally refreshing experience..ive never seen this leve of b2b assistance in this area before...good job.

      Robert Junior Housing Association

    • Propsavvy do exactly what they say they will do. The Propsavvy experience is one which increased my results by 470% within 6 weeks.

      Jessica Poster Local Government

    • Slick, simple yet powerful tool with a pro team behind you which has totally transformed our business around. From all of us at Endeavour we couldnt thank Propsavvy enough!

      Brad Manson Hedge Fund

    • A powerful tool and welcomed advance in an industry which has been screaming for innovation. I have since converted the entire team to the prosavvy experience.

      Richard Pall Private Fund

    The Propsavvy service is currently reserved for professional business users only.